Prayers for June


The prayers for June are written by Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Chair of the Evangelical Alliance, founder and co-director of Next Leadership and Baptist minister.


June 2

A prayer based on 1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43 where Solomon prays for God to ‘listen’ to the prayers of his ‘others’ (in this case, the ‘foreigners’ are those ethnically and linguistically unlike him).

Lord God open our eyes to recognise, and our ears to affirm the prayers of our ‘others’, particularly at a time where fear, prejudice and indifference has once again gripped people’s hearts in our nation. 

Embolden us, that we might…

Challenge ‘others’ rather than collude,

Respect ‘others’ of diverse views, 

Affirm ‘others’ from divergent traditions, 

Celebrate ‘others’ whose skin tone is unlike our own

Embrace ‘others’ we wouldn’t choose, 

Be sensitised to the many tongues of ‘others’

Attend to ‘others’, who are culturally dissimilar, 

Appreciate ‘others’ who are generationally different

Be inspired through the little ‘others’ we so often overlook 

We ask Lord, hear their prayers…


June 9

A prayer based on Galatians 1:11-24

Lord God

We thank you that you are at work in your world in amazing and ‘disturbing’ ways, in the invisible and the visible, in the small and the great, in the simple and the wise

We thank you that the gospel of Jesus still has power to change hearts, lives and circumstances

We thank you for the wisdom of your choices, choices we, very often, would not have made

We thank you for the challenge of surprise and inspiration

We thank you for those you raise to lead and instruct us

… especially for the little children

June 16

A prayer based on Psalm 5:1-8

God of all, 

Whenever we are blinded by the pain and turmoil of this broken world 

And we forget

You see more than we see

You hear more than we hear

You know more than we know

You grieve more than we grieve

Remind us once again that as we cry out to you for our world,

For our society, and for those who are most vulnerable within it,

That you offer stability when all seems unstable

You offer security when all seems insecure

You offer us Jesus when nothing and no one else will do


June 23

A prayer for The Children’s Society and all who work with and on behalf of children.

Lord we pray for The Children’s Society and all who work with and on behalf of children

Strengthen and sustain their eyes so they may see your goodness and grace in every child they meet

Strengthen and sustain their ears so they may listen and remain open to the diverse needs in their communities

Strengthen and sustain their lips so they may speak your truth honestly, openly, and powerfully in all they do

Strengthen and sustain their hands so they may serve as Christ’s hands, reaching out in compassionate healing service for the sake of your name 

Strengthen and sustain their feet so they may walk fearlessly wherever you send them;

Strengthen and sustain us all to go into the world, speaking your peace, working for your kingdom.


June 30

A prayer for children based on Luke 9:51-62 

Have pairs of children face each other and play ‘mirrors’ i.e. a game where one child moves while the other child tries to ‘mirror’ their movements as closely as possible.  After a few minutes let them ‘mirror’ this prayer:

Lord, help me follow 

To follow where you lead and how you lead

Lord, help me follow

To follow when I’m glad and when I’m sad

Lord, help me follow

To follow when it’s easy and when it’s hard

Lord, help me follow

To follow as who I am and with all I have