Fair and Square: Free school meals for all children in poverty

Big news

The government has announced that all children in reception, years 1 and 2 will be entitled to a free school meal. This means an extra 1.4 million children will be able to rely on at least one free, nutritious meal every school day.

This is a huge step forward for children and their families, and is fantastic news for our Fair and Square campaign. 

Your support makes a difference

Fair and Square has had great support from individuals, trade unions, newspapers, charities and politicians. By working together, we put free school meals firmly on the agenda, and made a compelling case for today’s announcement. Our work won’t stop here. We will keep calling for all children in poverty to get a free school meal. 

We know what we can achieve when we act together, so join our campaign today.

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What is Fair and Square?

Our Fair and Square campaign aims to ensure that all children in need of a free school meal receive one.

Free school meals are a crucial entitlement for families living in poverty. These meals help to ensure that children from the lowest-income families receive warm, nutritious food in the middle of the day.

More than half of all school-age children living in poverty aren't getting free school meals. These 1.2 million children may not be eating a single nutritious meal all day. 

Help ensure that all children in poverty receive a free school meal – join our campaign today.