The Children's Society recently worked with Ecclesiastical who decided to re-launch their Payroll Giving scheme, matching employee monthly donations by 50% each month. 

Brad Bennett of Ecclesiastical commented:

'We've had a payroll-giving scheme for several years but it was long overdue a revamp. As part of our link with The Children's Society, we wanted to boost the number of staff taking part. The first positive change was for the company to match staff contributions. However, we needed to motivate people as well as incentivise them. This is where the help of The Children's Society was invaluable.

With The Children's Society, we planned a re-launch of our scheme around a 'magic' theme. We issued teaser communications to all staff (how do you turn £7.80 into £15 for a good cause?) over a two week period. One rainy evening, a team from Ecclesiastical and The Children's Society desk-dropped leaflets inviting people to visit a payroll-giving stand in the staff restaurant the following day.

On re-launch day magician Mark Cairns toured our offices conducting some gobsmacking impromptu mind-reading magic (I'm still getting the 'how did he do that' comments even now!). The Children's Society supported Mark on his tour, promoting the scheme and encouraging staff to sign up. The help didn't stop there though! The Children's Society donated two iPods so that everyone who signed up for payroll-giving had a chance to win a prize.

The whole day went fantastically well and was a welcome surprise for staff. Overnight participation in payroll giving went up from 1% to nearly 8%. The scheme is likely to generate around £22,000 over the next year for good causes. An excellent result, made all the more successful (and fun) through the fantastic contribution made by The Children's Society. I can't thank them enough!'