Please support children who are denied a childhood, education or future

Young girl looking after mum in bed


Across England there are thousands of children who are being denied a childhood, education and future. Children as young as five are caring for a family member who is ill or disabled, without any other means of support.

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Lucy's story

Since she was six, Lucy has cared for her mum who has multiple sclerosis. She also looks after her younger brother and sister. Getting them ready in the morning constantly makes her late for school and her caring duties leave her no time to do homework or to see her friends. Young carers like Lucy find themselves falling behind at school and are far more likely not to be in education or employment as a result.

Through our direct services across the country, we provide support for young carers and their families, to help these child carers enjoy their childhood. Your support can give them a brighter future.

Your gift today can help us reach more children like Lucy and give young carers the vital help they need.

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