Here, we remember some of our supporters who have passed away.

Candles burning for departed loved ones

Many of our supporters improve the lives of people around them, as well as the young people who they never meet - the young people who we support through our programmes, projects and policy work.

If there is someone you would like to see remembered on our website, please contact Supporter Care by telephone, 0300 303 7000, or by email.

In memory

Christine Haigh

In memory of Christine Haigh from the Diocese of Wakefield. Christine sadly passed away at her home near Halifax.

Christine is remembered by staff and supporters of The Children’s Society for her warmth, willingness and dedication. She inspired all around her to fundraise for our cause, and since 2000 raised a staggering £69,000. 

Her generosity and efforts are what enables us to help disadvantaged and scared children escape from neglect, poverty, violence and discrimination.

She will be missed.