Programme staff

The staff of our approximately 80 programmes, projects and children’s centres blog about their work with young people across the country.

Rosie Tapsfield, Senior Practitioner

From our Programme staff

As part of our SMART programme in Newcastle, Rosie works with the local Roma community and other organisations across the region.

Rachael Ward, Work Experience Volunteer

From our Programme staff

When she was 14, Rachael spent a week at our SCARPA programme in Newcaslte, which works with and supports young runaways.

Kate Palmer

Kate Palmer, Independent Visitor (volunteer)

From our Programme staff

Independent Visitors such as Kate befriended a young person who, for various reasons, has little or no contact with their family.

Carole Jackson, Project Worker

From our Programme staff

Carole is part of our PACT programme in York, which aims to support and empower disabled children and young people.

Nafeesa Kovariwala, Children's Rights Worker

From our Programme staff

As part of our Lancashire Children's Rights Service, Nafeesa is an advocate who works with children and young people who are being looked after by their local authority.

Chantelle Lindo

Chantelle Lindo, Development Worker

From our Programme staff

As part of our Include programme, Chantelle leads on work involving young carers in families affected by HIV.

Anne-Marie Charsley, Information Officer

From our Programme staff

Anne-Marie is Information Officer at our EYPDAS (Essex Young People's Drug and Alcohol Service) programme, which supports young people up to their nineteenth birthday, and their families, who are affected by drugs and alcohol, whether it's their own use or someone else's.

Katie Evans, Senior Project Worker

From our Programme staff

Katie is part of our Disability Advocacy Programme, which works with local authorities in the London area to support disabled children and young people who have complex communication needs and impairments.

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