Policy team

Our policy team blogs about issues children face and ways we can address those problems. Through parliamentary work they advocate for children who go missing, disabled children, young refugees and migrants, and fight childhood poverty and child sexual exploitation.

Richard Crellin, Project Officer

From our Policy team

Richard is Project Officer for the Birmingham Commission for Children

Kady Billington-Murphy

Kady Billington-Murphy, Parliamentary and Policy Volunteer

From our Policy team

Kady works with the policy team on issues relating to refugee and migrant children, and supports the work of the Refugee Children’s Consortium.

Rebecca Young

Rebecca Young, Young Carers in Focus intern

From our Policy team

Rebecca provides general support across our policy, public affairs and campaigns teams, and has a keen interest in the issues affecting young carers.

Jake Mcleod

Jake Mcleod, Policy and Parliamentary Assistant

From our Policy team

Jake supports our policy and public affairs team, and their work in Parliament. Previously he provided policy support to a coalition of charities campaigning on youth justice issues.

Lily Caprani

Lily Caprani, Director of Strategy and Policy

From our Policy team

Lily oversees longer term strategy for The Children's Society, working with senior directors and advisors. Lily is responsible for strategic oversight of our campaigns, media, policy and public affairs, research and church partnerships work, as well as coordinating external and internal communications.

Kadra Abdinasir

Kadra Abdinasir, Policy and Parliamentary Volunteer

From our Policy team

Kadra is supporting our policy and public affairs team in 2014.

Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper, Policy Officer

From our Policy team

Andrew supports our policy and communications work, promoting our fuel poverty campaign and our child poverty work.

Lucy Capron

Lucy Capron, Senior Local Public Affairs Officer

From our Policy team

Lucy leads on building relationships with and influencing local decision makers, including local authorities, police and crime commissioners, and local partners. Prior to joining us she worked for two local councils.

Ruth Wanjiku

Ruth Wanjiku, Policy and Parliamentary Volunteer

From our Policy team

Ruth supported the Refugee Children’s Consortium and our work here at The Children's Society. She is reading politics and international relations at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Jasmine Mitchell

Jasmine Mitchell, Policy Volunteer

From our Policy team

Jasmine supported a wide range of our policy team's work in 2013.

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