Media team

Our media team works closely with national, regional, local, trade and consumer media to promote us and our initiatives to the general public, stakeholders and supporters.
Michael Pavitt

Michael Pavitt, Media and Policy Intern, Young Carers in Focus

From our Media team

Working within our policy and media teams, Michael is supporting the delivery of a celebration for young carers with parliamentary officials and peers.

Beth Herzfeld, Senior Media Officer

From our Media team

Beth is our lead media officer on child poverty and young refugees, migrant, traveller children and child trafficking.

Molly Weingarten

Molly Weingarten, Media Intern

From our Media team

Molly interned with the media team, collaborating on a number of projects, including Christingle events and the Party Smartly campaign.

Lauren Devereux, Media Intern

From our Media team

Lauren is a university student, studying communcications. Aside from children's well-being, she is passionate about anti-genocide and advocates for justice in East Africa. She was an intern with our media team in 2012.

Rafi Cooper, Media Officer

From our Media team

Rafi Cooper was a Media Officer until late 2011. He now lives in Australia.

Heidi Aho, Media and Campaigns Assistant

From our Media team

Heidi Aho was Media and Campaigns Assistant until mid-2012

Rosie Rutherford

Rosie Rutherford, Media Assistant

From our Media team

As a media intern, Rosie wrote press releases and pitched stories to the press. She studies Drama and Creative Writing at Winchester University

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