Digital team

Our digital team works closely across the organisation as they manage our websites, our blog, and our presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.
Christina Grocott

Christina Grocott, Digital Volunteer

From our Digital team

By updating our website, communicating with supporters via email, social media and our blog, Christina spread word of our work, aiming to inspire more people to get involved. She volunteered to support our digital team in 2013.

Amanda Grassia

Amanda Grassia, Digital Marketing Intern

From our Digital team

Amanda created social media content about our work and campaigns. She also monitored and analysed our social media channels' performance. She left the organisation in December 2013.

Katey McCutcheon

Katey McCutcheon, Digital Intern

From our Digital team

As a Digital Intern in mid-2013, Katey wrote and edited content for our blog, updated webpages, edited copy and formatted our email campaigns.

Teagan Seeley

Teagan Seeley, Digital Intern

From our Digital team

Developing and delivering content across our social media channels, Teagan helped create content to promote fundraising events, corporate partnerships, campaigns and other work we do. She also responded to online comments and queries, and conducted analysis and evaluations of our content.

Sally Wrenn

Sally Wrenn, Digital Intern

From our Digital team

Sally worked with the digital team and others across the organisation to create and edit content for our website and emails. She was an intern during a semester studying in London. She is a student at the University of Mary Washington in the US.

Robert Anderson, Marketing Intern, Young Carers in Focus

From our Digital team

A former young carer, Robert provided marketing support to our Young Carers in Focus project.

Lizzie Murray

Lizzie Murray, Social Media Community Manager

From our Digital team

As our Social Media Community Manager, Lizzie manages our social media profiles, keeps our content up to date and keeps our fans and followers engaged.

Matt Summers-Sparks

Matt Summers-Sparks, Digital Editor

From our Digital team

Working across our organisation, Matt coordinates blog posts and edits our website.

Samantha Pena

Samantha Pena, Digital Marketing Intern

From our Digital team

As a digital intern, Samantha wrote and edited Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, and helped to manage the intern and volunteer blogs.

Daniel Pattison

From our Digital team

Daniel is The Children's Society's Digital Co-ordinator.

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