Campaigns team

Our Campaigns team raises public awareness and influences decision-makers regarding the needs of children and young people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and who are most at risk.
Martin Jones

Martin Jones, Project Manager, The Children’s Commission on Poverty

From our Campaigns team

I help to co-ordinate and organise all the different areas of work that are needed to support and promote the work of The Children's Commission on Poverty.

Parama Chakravorty, Campaigns intern

From our Campaigns team

Sophie Parr

Sophie Parr, Campaigns Officer

From our Campaigns team

Sophie campaigned and raised awareness among the public and decision-makers about issues that affect children and young people, and worked to change things for the better.

Gavin Thomson

Gavin Thomson, Campaigns Officer

From our Campaigns team

Gavin supports our campaigns such as Make Runaways Safe and Fair and Square to make lasting change for children.

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